SkyTel Company History

SkyTel, the premier source for wireless data and messaging services, provides wireless email, interactive two-way messaging, wireless telemetry services, and traditional text and numeric paging to customers throughout the U.S. With our strong commitment to supporting business needs, SkyTel is the overwhelming choice of the Fortune® 1000 for wireless data and messaging. 

Founded in 1988, SkyTel is headquartered in Clinton, MS. SkyTel focuses on providing sophisticated wireless messaging services and support to our customers, who are primarily in the business and government sectors.

Leading the industry

SkyTel has a proud history of wireless industry leadership. For example, we were the first company to offer nationwide numeric and text paging and the first with 2Way messaging and guaranteed message delivery. Our commitment to excellence in innovation means our subscribers will always be on the cutting edge, supported by a company that leads the industry in customer care and service. 

SkyTel offers the broadest array of data services available through a single wireless data provider. This wide range of surprisingly affordable services is designed to simplify the way business people stay in touch. Our core suite of services include:

Building the wireless data future 

In today's aggressive business atmosphere, our customers demand innovative thinking more than ever. SkyTel is challenged every day to give our customers the tools they need to remain agile and competitive in an increasingly tough marketplace.

SkyTel also appreciates that new technology must co-exist with installed and legacy systems. As the demand for wireless data delivery accelerates, IT departments face new challenges and problems every day. The SkyTel Custom Applications Group is organized to help address these concerns. They will work with your staff to design and implement wireless solutions that enhance and support your business goals.

And, as integrated voice and data solutions mature and stabilize, SkyTel is dedicated to providing unified technology to the business community by continuing its pioneering efforts in innovation.

The SkyTel Networks

SkyTel is pursuing a vision of wireless data ubiquity - a world where every data device can effectively communicate with every other data device. In line with that vision, SkyTel has built its own networks from the ground up and is uniquely connected to other data networks, offering several advantages to our customers: 

  • Single number access to all services
  • Nationwide toll-free access to corporate and personal customers
  • Consistent, quality services
  • Value-added services offered at no charge including messaging software, message-to-phone service and daily news updates
  • Optional service enhancements at nominal charge including group and broadcast messaging, integrated voice mail, and coverage expansion on demand
  • Inter-carrier SMS for 2Way text communication with cell phones

And more…

SkyTel owns and operates three nationwide wireless networks: a ReFLEX 2Way-messaging network, and two FLEX networks supporting 1Way text and numeric paging. To meet the coverage requirements of corporate or government customers that extend beyond the core SkyTel network footprints, SkyTel resells services on other third party paging networks as required. Together, these networks cover approximately 90% of the U.S. business population.

For customers with International needs, SkyTel has pursued the goal of global expansion for the past decade. Adding to our record of industry firsts, SkyTel has expanded advanced messaging (2Way) coverage to several metropolitan areas in Mexico. We also operate an international paging network, providing SkyTel 1Way messaging subscribers seamless access to systems in multiple Latin American countries with additional coverage in Canada and the Bahamas.