The SkyTel Network Operations Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the heart of the SkyTel Mobitex and ReFLEX networks. The NOC consists of the computer systems and the RF and telecommunications infrastructure that makes 2Way data transmissions possible. The NOC was developed and is fully owned by SkyTel, making it possible for our engineers to expeditiously implement new, value added services as needed.

There are now two locations with full redundancy. Each NOC is comprised of multiple HP servers operating in tandem that are fully redundant within cabinet and as a node on the wide-area network. Each NOC is fully configured for sufficient capacity to singularly operate the 2Way ReFLEX network.

Field Operations and Engineering provides coverage request buildouts for customized applications and an extensive, nationwide network of hands-on technical experts in 120 maintenance facilities who maintain seamless operation of the NOC and consistent network performance.


Fire & Security