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Service Options - SkyTel Group and Broadcast Messaging

New! OnCall Group Manager (OGM)

SkyTel OnCall Group Manager (OGM) provides you with an online interface that allows you to setup an on-call group’s work schedule. Once the schedule is in place, messages sent to the SkyTel OGM PIN will be forwarded to the appropriate on-call person. No need to remember each on-call employees’ individual PIN or email address or even their work schedule.

SkyTel Broadcast Manager

A SkyTel Broadcast Manager (SBM) allows you to send a single message to as many as 1,000 recipients quickly and easily. Set up and managed through a web interface, your SBM distribution list can contain any combination of:

  • SkyTel 1Way and 2Way PINs
  • Email addresses
  • Cell SMS addresses*
  • U.S. Telephones*

Send messages to your SBM (and consequently to all the addresses on your SBM distribution list) through any of the following methods: SkyTel 2Way units, the SkyTel Send A Message web pages, email, SMS**-enabled cell phones, and the SkyTel telephone interfaces (numeric paging, SkyTalk® voice mail**, Operator Dispatch service**).

Restrict access to the SBM by specifying the PINs that can send messages, and the times when messages will be accepted.

*Additional fees apply.
**An SMS address, SkyTalk voice mail, Operator Dispatch service, Message to Phone service and a toll-free Personal Access Number are included.

SkyTel Master PIN

A SkyTel Master PIN can contain a distribution list of up to 50 SkyTel 1Way alphanumeric PINs. Managed for you by SkyTel Customer Service, if your company only subscribes to SkyTel SkyWord service, Master PINs can be an effective way to reach all of your SkyTel subscribers at once.

Broadcast Capcode

A Broadcast Capcode is a secondary PIN programmed into a device. The same Broadcast Capcode can be programmed into an unlimited number of devices. For 1Way devices, the Capcode must be programmed at the time the device is ordered and shipped; it cannot be programmed after delivery of the device. For 2Way devices, the Capcode can be added wirelessly after the device is in hand or it can be programmed prior to shipment. 

While Broadcast Capcodes are available for both 1Way and 2Way devices, the same Broadcast Capcode cannot be used for both; i.e., two different Broadcast Capcodes must be used if your subscribers have both 1Way and 2Way devices.