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1Way Paging - SkyPager® Numeric Service

Sometimes just being able to get a number is everything you need to keep in touch. Our lowest-cost solution still gives you terrific SkyTel features and network reliability.

SkyPager® service includes:

  • Unlimited Numeric Paging: You'll never need to count the number of pages you receive.
  • Metro, Nationwide or International Coverage: Better than local, Metro coverage extends statewide in many areas. With Nationwide coverage, you'll get your pages in any of the thousands of cities and towns where SkyTel has coverage, and International coverage extends your reach throughout the Americas.

  • Nationwide Now® or International Follow Me options let you decide when to expand your coverage from Metro to Nationwide or International - temporarily, only when you need it.
  • Toll-free access so your callers can reach you anytime, from anywhere in the U.S.


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  • Personalized phone greetings: Your voice, your message.
  • Message Recall: Pick up your pages by phone when you don't have your pager or are outside your coverage area.
  • Online & toll-free customer service.
  • SkyTel reliability: The redundancy and high quality of the SkyTel System means exceptional reliability, and peace of mind.

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 How your contacts can send you a page with SkyPager® service
  • Call toll-free from any touch-tone telephone to:
    • Enter a numeric message.
    • Leave a voice message on optional SkyTalk® voice mail. Your pager will alert you that you have a voice message.
  • If your contact is also a SkyTel or MCI 2Way or Wireless Email customer, they can send a numeric page directly from their device

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