2Way Messaging

Mission critical reliability and cost-effective wireless messaging is a key component of every enterprise and government entity. With mobile teams in the field, large hospital or institutional staffs working on sprawling campuses and remotely located resources, keeping everyone connected requires a wireless messaging partner like SkyTel. Our solutions add up to reduced cost, increased revenue and maximum productivity.

SkyWriter® -- The Best of All Wireless Worlds

Our SkyWriter service teams up 2Way Messaging with traditional paging advantages -- bringing you a complete range of wireless capabilities.

Instant coverage: SkyTel has you automatically covered in thousands of cities and towns nationwide.

2Way messaging any way you want it: Create and send messages to Internet e-mail addresses, other SkyTel units, even telephones. Receive messages via telephone, Internet, e-mail & messaging software. 

Reply any way you wish: Respond to messages with original or preprogrammed replies. 

Advanced Store & Deliver technology: Message delivery is guaranteed, even if you're out of range (on an airplane, for example) or have your unit turned off. Your SkyTel system stores incoming messages for up to 72 hours, automatically delivering them when you return to full service. 

Send phone messages without a phone: SkyTel digitizes the text message, dials the phone number and delivers the message in a digitized voice.

Free Custom Newscasts®: Choose news updates from leading information sources, from stocks to technology to sports. Customize as often as you like at www.skytel.com/customcast.

Contacts don’t need a pager to page you: SkyTel offers toll-free telephone access for your contacts who prefer to reach you by phone.

Easy message recall: Retrieve your messages by phone anywhere in the U.S. – or on the Internet anywhere in the world.

Room to say the words: Messages up to 500 characters in length.

Help when you need it: Online and toll-free customer service. Our robust Online Account Management portal allows you to send and review messages, check coverage when you travel, and manage your account.