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SkyTel Product Portfolio

SkyTel - Your single source for wireless data delivery.

With services ranging from 2Way Messaging, Wireless Email and 1Way Paging to remote Telemetry and Custom Wireless Application Development, SkyTel can help design and implement data solutions that work hard for you and the bottom line of your company.

2Way Interactive Messaging

Need a guaranteed method of sending and receiving data? Write, send, receive and respond to text & email messages, and receive voice & numeric notifications from your contacts - guaranteed.

SkyWriter Service
Available on the M90, ATCOM AT100, HuneTec H200 and SunTelecom ST900 products.

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1Way Paging

Need a low-cost solution for staying in touch? SkyTel provides the premium 1Way Paging services you're looking for with easy-to-use devices.

SkyWord Text Paging
Available on the Advisor Elite.

SkyPager Numeric Paging
Available on the ST800.

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Vehicle Tracking

SkyTel combines GPS, the SkyTel network and the Internet in two innovative vehicle tracking solutions:

For your commercial fleet, FleetHawk™ is a powerful fleet location, tracking and management system.

For your personal assets, SkyGuard™ provides security and peace of mind.

FleetHawk Service
for commercial fleets of all sizes.
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SkyGuard Service
for your family vehicles.