ReFLEX Developer Tools

SkyTel owns and operates three nationwide wireless data networks:  Mobitex, 2Way ReFLEX™ network and 1Way FLEX network. All of our networks are industrial-strength, tested and ultra-reliable. 

Below are tools specifically designed for developers who want to design applications to run over our nationwide 2Way ReFLEX™ data network. SkyTel provides the most flexible access to its wireless network with a comprehensive array of gateways including XML, SMTP, SNPP and WCTP. Connectivity options include modem connections, socket connections via the Internet and wireless connections through our RF network gateways, accessed using the WCTP protocol.

WCTP (Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol)

TAP (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol)

SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol)

Terminal Emulation

Email Solutions / SMTP

Technical Support

What is the SkyTel WCTP (Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol)?

The SkyTel Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol is a software development tool which permits developers and programmers to design and code software used for a specific application operating on the SkyTel network. WCTP is the new industry standard for two way messaging and its operation is represented through XML and is transported via HTTP. The specification for WCTP can be found at ../partners/dev_resources_wctp.htm.

What kind of technical support does SkyTel offer?

SkyTel is pleased to deliver expertise and technical support to developers during both the application development and implementation phase, ensuring your success.  For assistance, call 1-800-482-8152, send an email to, or visit

Telemetry Modules

Advantra, from Inilex™, combines advanced M2M and best-in-class two-way communication systems enabling customers to develop advanced telemetry applications to remotely secure, monitor and control their important assets.

From small integrations into utility meters and automatic teller machines (ATMs), to monitoring oil and gas pipelines or sewer systems, this robust platform gives customers an expanded means for monitoring and controlling their assets. Advantra provides the lowest-cost, highest-performing M2M development platform available for business applications and solutions. 

Working in conjunction with the ReFLEX™ wireless carriers in the U.S., Advantra developed two OEM ReFLEX™ telemetry radio modules: Karli and Barran. The devices differ primarily in size: The smaller Karli module is 1.52" x 1.96", and the Barran is 3.07" x 1.96". Both are easily integrated into many existing applications, and are designed specifically for ReFLEX telemetry, supporting the ReFLEX 2.7 protocol.

To order a Developer's Kit from Inilex, please contact Philip DeCarlo at or contact Inilex at 480-889-5676. Visit Inilex website >>

Implementation Steps

To get started, call us toll-free at 1-800-395-5796, or email us at Together, we'll discuss how to implement a solution and, if appropriate, begin planning.