Developer Resources Center - Terminal Emulation

The Remote Terminal Dial-up Subscriber (RTDS) interface provides users with remote terminals such as teletypes, dumb terminals and personal computers with communications software with the ability to enter pager messages for transmission to a 1-way pager, to display the transmitted messages for a pager and other functions. This interface is a simple, dialogue oriented, question and answer interface. The remote terminal is connected to the RTDS when communication is established. 

Access to RTDS* is provided at 1-800-SKYWORD (1-800-759-9673). 

The RTDS User's Guide provides a list of special keys, a list of user-entry procedures, a list of error messages and an example session.

RTDS User's Guide (PDF) 

*Please note that the RTDS can only be used to send 1-way messages and will not deliver messages addressed to 2-way pagers.